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Total Onslaught with Dr. Walter Veith

This series is an in-depth study of end-time events. Starting with a look a Jesus Christ - who He is and what was His real mission, Walter Veith takes us on a journey to see the war over this Man that has been waged across millennia.

Professor Walter Veith traces the effects of this war by unveiling behind-the-scenes information about current and historical events. Secret societies are exposed, along with their role in end-time events, the UN's secret occult agenda, the real truth behind the french revolution and world wars, the reality of the antichrist in today's world events, the Kennedy assassination, 911, Islam, and much much more are all covered. The ideas explored are current, relevant, and applicable to the dangers and deceptions raging today on planet Earth. This is must-have series that will boggle your mind.  Watch Now.

Biblical Research Studies

"Beside The Still Waters"

"He who calmed the raging sea, is the same One who will lead you "'beside the still waters.'" 

Mark 4:35-41; Psalm 23:1, 2.